Gig #3 - Christmas Party 2019

Our Christmas Party was a huge success we had Northern Quarter packed full of students! We had the amazing University Funk Band, Quentin and Calm - C . Who all performed some amazing sets. We had a graduate, Nathan, DJ through-out the night. He played some great popular music to keep the hype up.

Christmas Party Poster

Starting our night off to a great start was Quentin. They drew in a great crowd and played some amazing songs. Defiantly watch out for these guys!!

Next we had the talented University funk Band preform an up-beat set and got everyone dancing along. They performed a great cover of 'I'm coming out" by Diana Ross, full of high energy! A challenge with engineering this band was that there is 9 members and we couldn't fit everyone on the small stage!! However we managed and everyone still had a great time.

Ending our night on a high was Calm - C. These guys performed an interesting semi-acoustic gig! Had great crowd engagement and well written original songs about important issues.

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