Gig #2 - Acoustic Box Social

Our second gig we had a change of venue and decided to host our Acoustic Box Social at Small Seeds. This gig was very different to our first one. We had 3 bands performing with a 15 minute gap between for stage set-up. Quiet Eyes, Quentin and Subsahara all did some amazing acoustic sets.

Acoustic Box Social Poster

The warm setting of Small Seeds was a perfect venue choice for our evening as it was cosy and great for a chilled out night. Opening the night we had Subsahara do a mixture of original and covers.


Next we had Quiet Eyes perform a special acoustic set. Different from their heavy and high-power usual sound. It was a great contrast and worked extremely well. Another amazing audience turn out for them and they killed the acoustic set!

Finishing our night we had Quentin perform an exceptional set! Full of their catchy original songs with a few covers. The cover of 'Under the Bridge' by Red Hot Chilli Peppers was a memorable moment as the audience joined in happily singing along. Overall our evening was a huge success with another great audience turn out!

Set- Up

The desk at Small Seeds is the analogue Allen and Heath GL2400. Which we all know very well and have experience with so it was quite a simple and smooth set-up.

We used 3 DI boxes for the bass and electro acoustic guitars. Classic SM58 on the vocals and an MD421 and SM57 on the cajon and percussion. A simple set up for a chilled out night.

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