Vinyl Night II

This Vinyl Night was held in the Northern Quarter, on the 5th of February, 2019. This is our first gig in 2019, welcoming student back in the uni. After organising a few gigs, we have decided to take a step further this time.

Vinyl Night II Poster

Another beautiful poster designed by our technician, Daisy.

The thing we have stepped up from the previous gig is added visual effect in the background. The visual effect is created by out technician, Kacper, he used Adobe After Effect to create this. If anyone is interested in visual effect, now you know who t talk to;)

We started the gig with DJ Dewey's set. We only have two DJ this time, so each of them can have an hour to play their set.

Continuing his well known phase effect, DJ Phaser also played in the Vinyl Night.

The Setup:

It is the Vinyl Night, so the setup is identical to The Vinyl Revival, we have used the same Numark CS-1 cartridges, Pioneer PLX-500-K turntables, and Pioneer DMJ-800 DJ Mixer. The photo of the Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Desk is from Northern Quarter, they uses this desk as their FOH desk. An SM58 for the DJ speech, and DT150 for monitoring. For recording the whole gig, we have used the DJ mixer's Rec output, and connect that to the H6.

#vinyl #DJs #livemusic #NorthernQuarter

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