Acoustic Night 2018

The Acoustic Night is our second gig, we have invited Nathan Berwick, Jonny France & Tom Bamber, I'm Alex and Dooshki to perform.

We started the gig with Nathan Berwick.

After Nathan Berwick was Jonny France & Tom Bamber.

I'm Alex continue the vibe

Last but not least, Dooshki.

We hope we did a good job of both organising a gig and also sound engineering of the gig, and everyone who came to the gig enjoyed the time they spend there, the music and the vibe. We are looking forward to our next gig, see you all there.

Recording Rig:

-Techstore Macbook

-2x Metric Halo 2882 soundcard

For recording the gig, we have used two Metric Halo 2882 Soundcard, connecting them through ADAT and firewire to the macbook. All the coming going into the soundcard was from the direct output of the Allen & Heath GL2400, which we also have one in LMP.

Although the setup sounds simple, but we do need to overcome several issues, like controlling levels through the Metric Halo Control Software, clocking, how does it communicate with Logic and record smoothly. Our technician Kacper had spend some time taking care of those issues, if you want to learn more about this, you know who you should talk to ;)

#Acoustic #livemusic #SmallSeeds

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