The Vinyl Revival

The Vinyl Revival was held in the Northern Quarter, on the 2nd of October, 2018. This is the first gig if the year, which also means this is the first gig we organise.

This is the poster designed by Daisy, I am sure everyone who came to the studio before the gig had seen this beautiful poster ;)

We have invited DJ Dewey, and TheBlueroomBois to be our DJ for the night. We are very happy that there were a lot of student came to the gig, and they seemed enjoyed it. We are also impressed with the amount of first year student who came to the gig. We hoped you all enjoyed the music and the atmosphere, here is a short video about the gig.

The setup of the gig is very simple, we have used the two Pioneer PLX-500-K turntables and hooked them up with our Pioneer DMJ-800 DJ Mixer, and from the DJ mixer to the venue's PA System. We have also used our brand new Numark CS-1 cartridges. A SM58 and a DT150 for talking to the audience and monitoring.

#vinyl #DJs #NorthernQuarter

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