Techcast Vinyl Night Monday 29th January

It was 35 days after Christmas, when all through Zetland, it was the Techcast Vinyl night, featuring sets from the LJW, Benny Jones, DJ Dewey, and of course, The Blueroom Bois, in this follow up to the successful first event at Zetland.

After the much improved opening sets from the Bluerooms Bois, it was DJ Dewey's turn to take to the stage as deliver an ever flawless performance of dub and hip hop tracks that captured both students and even enticed those who happened to be walking past.

LJW was next up with his vinyl debut. You would never have known it was his first time with tight transitions, coupled with his fantastic selection skills and charisma on stage. Hopefully you'll never see him using a controller again.

Who could possibly round off our star-studded line up I hear you cry. Benny Jones of course. He blew everyone away with his handcrafted set practised to perfection. The standout of our previous vinyl night returned and did not disappoint. Benny Jones is definitely one to watch.

Closing off the night we had part two of The Blueroom Bois DJ Extravaganza, including DJ Maxy-Boi playing the crowd out to Lionel Ritchie's seminal hit All Night Long, to the joy of everyone in a three mile radius.

That just about wraps up the extraordinary evening that could only have been a Techcast event. Make sure you don't miss out on our acoustic evening over at Small Seeds on Wednesday the 28th February, featuring Courtyards, Tim Rothery and Jonathan France.

We'll see you there!

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