Acoustic Night 2017

Kegan Rowland kicked off the night with a chilled out set comprising of covers and originals. He closed his set with an indie anthem Mardy Bum which drew high praise from the crowd.

Abes Jackson, armed with only his keyboard, took on the second slot of the night. His collection of genuine and soulful songs kept the room more than happy.

Boothroyd were the third act of the night to occupy the stage. Much like the others they brought their own sound to the stage and entertained the audience between songs.

Only a week before their performance,

Inward Chills decided to draft in a clarinet and a cello player to become one of the more interesting line ups we've seen. From songs about a Spider Man playstation game to natural on stage bravado, their set had it all. After an hour of originals, covers and plenty of smoke machine action, Inward Chills had finished their set.

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